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What is Scorpions?How many types of Scorpions?

What is Scorpions?How many types of Scorpions?

Scorpions are predatory arachnids of the order Scorpiones.Scorpions are arthropods, they have eight legs, two pedipalps, and a tail with a venom-injecting barb. Scorpions have two venom glands that produce venom used in hunting and self defense. Scorpions do not have bones instead they have an exoskeleton made of chitin, which is similar to the shell of a shrimp.Scorpions are include in danger animals.Scorpions range in size from 9 mm / 0.3 in.
There are around 2000 different species of known scorpion have been found in most countries around the world.

 There Are 5 Types Of Scorpions Or More.

1.Fat Tailed Scorpions

2.DeathStalker Scorpions

3.Gormar Scorpion

4.Red Claw Scorpions

5.Emperor Scorpions


Also known as fat tailed,Androctonus Scorpion is the most dangerous scorpion specie found in the world. Just 4 inches in length, this beast can kill human beings in mostly lives under rocks and other shelter. They avoid coastal areas or anywhere that is high humidity. Some individuals may burrow from time to time. Unfortunately, their hiding places are often located near humans. Androctonus is widespread in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Togo, Israel, India, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bahrain and Pakistan.


Commonly known as DeathStalker, this specie is second most dangerous in our list. The deathstalker is regarded as a highly dangerous species because its venom is most powerful and most painful and can kill children and elderly people.can be found in desert and scrubland habitats ranging from North Africa through to the Middle East. Countries where it lives include Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Mali, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Iran,Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,and Yemen.


The gormar scorpion ranges from 4 to 5 inches in length and weighs several ounces. It is solid black with an exceptionally thick exoskeleton and black legs with a slightly reddish tinge The gormar scorpion has a large tail and a particularly large stinger. Its ability to kill anyone in 10 minutes is the reason we have Gomar third in our list.Gormar scorpions live only in Venezuela. They make their homes in the jungles and tropical rain forests of the country.A single Gomar sting can kill an average-sized man in a few minutes. There is no anti-venom, so a person who has been stung must be treated with vasodilators and analgesics.


The Red Claw Scorpios has commonly been called the Tanzanian Red Claw. Its scientific name is Pandinus Cavimanus. The sting of a Red Claw Scorpion has been compared to the sting of a bee.Children who get stung by them can get badly hurt, and can even die as a result of an allergic reaction.They are found living within humid rainforests of Tanzanian, Africa. They like to hide and may be found living under rocks, fallen logs or in shallow burrows.

5.Emperor Scorpion

The emperor scorpion is native to Africa. It is one of the largest scorpions in the world and lives for 5–8 years.It has a large, shiny black body and bumpy pincers. Its venom is mild and the scorpion as a whole is not very aggressive.The emperor scorpion is an African rainforest species. It is found in a number of African countries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Togo, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria.

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